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Internet of Real-Things



U-sensor Gateways (USG)

The Ubiquitous Sensor Gateway (USG) acts as the access point for the U-sensors, R-Sensors, M-sensors and other CartaSense wireless sensors to the user's server.

Our flexible USG models support various communication network infrastructures.

CS FixedUSGPhoto150 550X550

Fixed USG
Featured with a cellular GPRS interface, the Fixed USG can be installed in warehouses, trucks or trailers that have cellular infrastructure. The Fixed USG models come with automotive class power supplies that have passed EN 301 489-1 section 9.6 testing and that use ignition input to trigger power saving mode. The Fixed USG has a GPS module option to provide real-time location information of goods in transit.

CS LAN USGPhoto150 550X550

The LAN USG is designed for warehouses and offices, where a standard wired local area network (LAN) that supports 10/100 Mbps Ethernet is available.

CS DashboardUSGPhoto150 550X550

Dashboard USG
The GPS/GPRS dashboard mountable unit is aimed at real-time on-the-move monitoring. When a fixed installation is not feasible, these units are simply placed on the truck dashboard and powered by the cigarette lighter socket. The unique capabilities of our mesh network enable the unit to be connected to sensors inside the trailer and to provide continuous real-time measurements of the cargo.

CS OutdoorUSGPhoto150 550X550

Outdoor USG
Specifically designed for harsh field conditions, the outdoor USG is the ideal solution for environments in which both an external power supply and LAN are not available. Offering true field operation, the outdoor USG comes ready with sensor gateway, rechargeable battery and solar panel controller installed in a weatherproof casing.