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Internet of Real-Things


Eco- innovation

Good for the business, good for the environment 

The CIP Eco-Innovation initiative intends to promote eco-innovation and support an action plan for environmental technologies. Its ultimate goal is the improvement of both Europe's environmental status and its competitiveness through support to innovative solutions for environment protection, creating at the same time a wider market for technologies, management methods, products and green services.
Eco-innovation support first application and market replication projects: that is, to provide incentives and tools to foster the market penetration potential of eco-innovative products and practices whose technical validity has already been demonstrated.

 The program goals are:

• Promoting the adoption of new, integrated approaches to eco-innovation in sectors such as environmental management and more environment-friendly services;
• Encouraging the adoption of eco-innovative solutions, removing market barriers through new products, production processes, services and technologies;
• Increasing SME's innovation potential

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