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Internet of Real-Things


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About us

Awarded by the European-Eco-Innovation Program, our wireless sensor system features true battery operation to provide a wireless monitoring solution that is easy to install and it always works.

Incorporated in 2007 CartaSense offers end-to-end monitoring and alerting capabilities for cold-chain, agricultural and asset security applications. Our wireless sensor technology has been approved by global standards authorities, and it complies with the industry regulations.

Advanced Products
Our products have been selected by cold-chain industry leaders and our field-proven technology is deployed in large silo-bag grain storage, protecting products from damage by temperature or moisture and providing security for our customers' valuable assets.

Technological Competence
The CartaSense team brings vast technological knowledge in the development of wireless communication network devices and solutions. Implementing the company's proprietary algorithms CartaSense solutions drive advances in the technologies used to monitor grain, vegetables and fruits in the field, in storage and during transport.

Partnering to Stand-out
Implementing our wireless sensor network solutions helps agricultural growers and pharmaceutics providers to enhance the quality of their products while improving productivity and profitability. The company maintains ecosystem partnership with system integrators; value-added resellers (VARs) and distribution channels around the globe to provide its customers world-class support at the local level.

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