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Internet of Real-Things


EXPLORE the benefits of Internet of
Things. Assure the QUALITY of your
PHARMA shipments. Extend the
SHELF-LIFE of your fresh produce and
know the exact status of your GRAINS.

Monitoring Applications Overview

Protect your assets and products, whether they are in storage or on the move. CartaSense offers end-to-end monitoring and alerting capabilities using advanced wireless sensor networking technologies. Our wireless sensor systems feature true battery operation and adaptive capabilities, providing flexible wireless mesh networks that always work.

The CartaSense temperature and humidity monitoring solution helps maximize the profitability of perishables in storage or on the move, minimizing the risk of damage to drugs and pharmaceutical products while extending their shelf life.

For the agricultural market, the company offers several monitoring products that enable the analysis of environmental temperature, soil moisture and solar radiation (PPF) in a variety of field applications such as silo-bags and greenhouses, in storage cold-rooms, or even in trucks in transit.

Our Internet-of-Things approach includes complete online information about all of your valuable products. This information can be visualized through our web applications or it can be integrated with corporate ERP systems. CartaSense tracking capabilities provide our customers with safety and security anytime and everywhere, freeing them from worry of the unexpected.